About Us

Our website is an online gaming magazine that focuses exclusively on games in the horror genre. If games like Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill 2 and Slender are your jam, then you’ll find plenty to like within our virtual walls. Our team shares your passion for the macabre, and we provide the games you love with a unique spin and more attention than is afforded to them by general gaming sites.

Previews of the Latest Scares in Gaming

We stay abreast of the latest in horror gaming. If you can’t way for the sequel to the award-winning Outlast, fear not; we have all of the information you want as soon as it’s available. Our team also attends the big gaming shows like E3 and Gamescom in order to provide you gameplay footage and other goodies straight from the show floor.

Reviews of the Newest Horror Games

We’re very proud of our in-depth approach to game reviews. Many reviews have as many as four stages. We’ll publish the first stage in time for release day whenever possible. Our reviewer then follows that up with a more in-depth consideration when he or she has finished the game. Then, we’ll conclude the review once some time has passed with our final thoughts and perhaps a spoiler-y exploration.

Retrospectives of Classic Terrors

One of our favorite columns is our retrospectives. This is where we take classic and even some not-so-classic horror games and review them from a modern perspective. It’s interesting to see which games still hold up from a horror perspective but also which games are still good enough to play today. We try to time these or at least re-promote them whenever these games are on sale.

Guides, Walkthroughs and Other Resources

The nature of horror games is that they’re difficult. These are gauntlets, and our gaming experts can help you through them with a broad range of advice. Our tips and guides are a great way to get insight into a particular aspect of a game you’re playing. A complete walkthrough can help you through a game you wouldn’t have time for otherwise, and we also have wiki-like sections that can be an invaluable resource during your adventures.

A Wide Array of Content

Much of our content is written articles that range from news blurbs and blog posts to multipage reviews that contain thousands of words. Our team also seeks to augment those articles with videos whenever it makes senses because sometimes seeing is just better. We also create podcasts on a weekly basis and welcome our readers to join us for our live streaming events.

A Haunting Community

We also have a wonderful community, and we welcome you to join us. Add your voice to the mix and help us make this site even bigger and better. Our forums are a great place to have discussions about the games you’re playing and the older ones you love, and we also have an extensive presence on social media, so come like us or leave us a message.

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